Get Your Family to Eat More Vegetables!

21 05 2012

Yes, it is true. There are vegans who just don’t like vegetables.
In my household two of us have a second job, so we simply don’t have the time to prepare sides with our meals.  We also do not agree on what veggies that we like!
Everyone agreed that we needed to eat more vegetables. I came up with an easy low-cost way to add veggies to a meal, without adding to our prep-time.  At first my husband didn’t even notice that he was eating spinach with almost every dinner!

Here is what we do, once a week I prepare a selection of veggies to ‘hide’ in food.


Combine in a large food processor:
3/4 bag frozen spinach
1/4 bag frozen broccoli
1/2 bag baby carrots
1 clove garlic

Freeze the mixture in a container or freezer bag.
If you have a smaller food processor, complete it in two smaller batches.
The small size helps the food defrost quickly!
You can add the extra veggies to many meals:
Add to pasta sauce- serve over pasta with beans
Cook with Olive Oil as a Pesto over pasta, pierogies, or gnocchi
Mix it in to mashed potatoes
Add it to rice
Add it to pizza